Rugby Firm Helps Build Model To Celebrate Olympics

A GIANT Lady Godiva model is set to be towed through Rugby in July after a Somers Road metal company helped construct it.

Described as a “public piece of art”, the Cyclopedia Godiva statue is built on an aluminium structure provided by Shaw Sheet Metal of Rugby. The Cyclopedia is a central feature of the region’s Godiva Awakes project, which is being put together for the Cultural Olympiad – an arts festival that is running throughout the year to help celebrate London 2012.

Phil Shaw, managing director of Shaw Sheet Metal, said: “We were delighted to be asked to contribute to this exciting project. Once all the elements of the final structure are integrated, I think it will be something truly unique and impressive.

“The Cyclopedia has been developed to demonstrate the innovation and engineering expertise that we have in the Midlands, so it’s good that a company from Rugby can be involved in that. It’s also great that locals will have a chance to appreciate the work that has gone into the Cyclopedia when it visits the town on its way down to London.”

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