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Our welding workshop is fully equipped for MIG, TIG and spot welding allowing our fabricators to work with all common metals. Drawing from a large pool of experience, the team produce high quality assemblies.

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Fabricated Assemblies For Any Project

Our fabrication workshop is equipped with high quality welding facilities and auxiliary gear. Manned by an incredible team of fabricators with many years of experience, we produce fabrications at varying sizes and levels of complexity.
We offer a range of fabrication solutions spanning mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel. With our commitment to quality, we reliably deliver on expectations.

Why choose us

Prioritising Our Customers

In everything we do, we keep our customers interests in mind to ensure only the best experience. We offer the best customer service possible.

ISO Certified

Through defined business processes and procedures we ensure parts are to specification first time.

Professional team

With multi-sector experience, our team each bring a unique perspective to every project to find the ideal solution.

Cost Efficiency

Continual investment in cutting edge machinery allows us to ensure highly effective operation, resulting in cost efficiency for our customers.

We Always Get The Job Done

Able to cater to just-in-time manufacturing schedules, we are able to meet tight deadlines consistently. Delivering quality parts and maximising cost efficiency are our speciality. Get in touch with us and let us know what we can do for you.