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NP AEROSPACE - Defending the future together...

Shaw Sheet Metal have been a regular supplier of mechanical piece-parts and sub-assemblies to NP Aerospace since kicking-off their relationship back in 1996.

In that time, Shaw and NP Aerospace have worked closely together on many projects – typically of a military or defence related nature.

Ahead of his recent retirement, Roger Medwell led the NP team for the large part of this long and successful relationship in his role as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Roger’s significant experience in the industry leaves him well-placed to judge the merits of its supply base, and he clearly has been impressed by the performance and development of Shaw over the years.

Roger explained: “From small beginnings, Shaw Sheet Metal has grown with us to become one of our most consistent, key suppliers.

“We operate in a fast-moving industry, where we are regularly dealing with operational emergency situations. Therefore a speedy turnaround is of the essence, and I have always been impressed by the ‘can-do’ ethos of the Shaw team.

“For us to be successful, we need to have confidence in our supplier base and their ability to deliver. Time and time again, Shaw have shown that when they say they are going to do something, they will achieve it.”

Roger has also been impressed in Shaw’s willingness to invest in new plant and machinery to support the NP business.

He continued: “It is always preferable dealing with suppliers that have the ability to deliver as complete a product as possible from one source.

“The in-house investments that Shaw have made in areas such as their paint plant, have allowed us to integrate the units supplied straight into our systems. This is incredibly important if we are to maintain the required levels of responsiveness and also remain competitive.”

Roger also confirmed the importance of dealing with a supplier that has the necessary industry standards in place.

He explained: “Nowadays our customers demand it, and Shaw were very quick off the mark on that front, taking a very practical approach to the implementation of their ISO 9001 and environmental standards.

“They operate a robust, process-driven set of standards, and have fully embraced the need for employee training – building the necessary skills into their team as a result.”

Roger also cites the personal contribution of Shaw’s Managing Director Phil Shaw in the continuing longevity of the relationship.
He said: “I believe that Phil comes at the top of the list in terms of leadership. It is clear from the way he interacts with his team that there is a great deal of mutual respect there.

“I also admire the efforts that he has made outside of the commercial arena. Over the years he has supported NP with the ‘Business in the Community’ programme and has also made impressive voluntary contributions to a number of projects.”

These have included the supply of stage rigging used as part of the 2005 Children International Games in Coventry, and most recently Shaw built a substantial portion of the Cyclopedia unit which was transported from the Midlands down to London by a team of cyclists - as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Roger ended by reaffirming why he thought the NP-Shaw relationship had survived the tests of time: “On a technical basis, Shaw are way-up there in terms of sheet metal fabrication for sure, but of equal importance is the credibility and trust that has been developed between the two companies over the years.

“As a supplier they have never let NP down, and I am confident that this will continue for many years to come.”

Customer Profile:
NP Aerospace is one of the largest thermosetting moulding companies in Europe. They supply an extensive range of bespoke components and assemblies for a wide variety of customers in the Aerospace, Electrical, Automotive, Defence, Medical and Textile Industries.
Their range of products include advanced composites, protective vehicles and cars, body and personal protection items, composite helmets, explosive ordnance disposal systems, and technical mouldings.

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